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Tipping equipment
Conveyor systems
Bulk storage and handling
Mixing tanks
Mixing vessels
Chain conveyors
Conveyor scrapers
Conveyor side skirts
Screw conveyors
Vibrating conveyers
Automotive design engineering
Design engineering
Big drive gearboxes (Fabrication)
Precision engineering
Pump silencers
Custom fabrication
General fabrication
Heavy steel fabrication
Rebuilding and repair
Stainless steel fabrication
Steel fabrication
Welded fabrication
All types of pipe work
Structural steel
Stair cases
Any type of safety guards
Conveyor systems
Bulk storage on all products
Any type of develop work on sheet metal
Aluminum gratings, hand railings, stair treads, stairways, walkways
Plain steel gratings
Stainless steel hand railings
Steel stair treads gratings
Welded seamless tubing
General tanks
Silo dischargers
Silo feeders
Slide bearing for tank expansion
Tank ladders & stairs
Conveyor walkways
Feedstock and grain conveyors
Fruit & vegetable handling conveyors systems
Pipe rolling
Contract machining
Heavy steel machining 
High speed machining
Job shop machining
Large part machining
Metal machining
Stainless steel machining
Sheet metal work and equipment
Sheet metal bending
Sheet metal cutting
Sheet metal fabrication
Sheet metal folder
Sheet metal forming
Sheet metal gauge
Sheet metal roller
Sheet metal rolling
Sheet metal shear
Sheet metal welding
Sheet metal work machinery
Stainless steel sheet metal
Fabrication of pipe work and any developments

We manufacture Hoppers, Cones, Square to Rounds, Lobster Backs and just about any development on plate work. 

TSA 400/300 AD Arc Welder
Miller CP 302 CV DC welder
300 Economic Mig Machine
TSM250S Inverter
Guillotine 10 ton 1800 X 8 PL
Five ton overhead cranes X2
TSM 500 Semi Automatic Gas Shielded Welder
Rolling Machine Capacity 2.4 X 3MM
Guillotine 3MM
Folder X2
60 ton press
Centre Lathe 600 Swing 2.5m
Centre Lathe 300 Swing 1.8m
Milling Machine X 2
Pedestal Drill Machines X2
Sheet Metal Equipment
Band Saw
Horizontal Boringmill